We officially went worldwide on Tuesday, Sept 2nd 2014!

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Sending out an immense THANK YOU to all those who supported us on Kickstarter. Without you who knows how much longer we would’ve needed to wait for this to come to fruition. Special thanks to: Julian Narino, Therese Trujillo, Jaime Narino, Adam Muto, Matt Lorimer, Trish Lorimer, Jackson Lorimer, Brenda G., Mallory Yund, Patricia Delgado, Raymond Eickstadt, Vicky Groskinsky, Alejandro Torres, Nathan Arentoft, Chip Hooley, Lisa Biggs, Liz Salinas, Layla Kilolu, Sarah Davidson, Candice Day, Nick Jeong, Jeff Krause, Christopher Turnham, Pendleton Ward, Cassidy Linder, Michael Tregler, Courtney Hulse, Maria Weitz, Mike Gretzmiller, Brenton Perkins, Kacey Link, Jennifer Gibo, Anita Mascioli, Barbara Rosenn, Michelle Pauline, Anny Choe, Seena Mostafavipour, Amy Hearting, Kris Rogers, Nancy Kurkinen, Michael Newton, Victoria Bogner, Veronica Castro, Xiaoye Zhang, Maya Raquel Anderson, Jamie Swain, Dino G. Tadiar, Tanya Nolan, Deborah Frank, Michael Mitchell, Jenifer Palmer-Lacy, Erin Kearney, Roxie Sakura, Samantha Zahringer, Joni Fincham, Tiff Jimber. Much love!


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