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IT HAS ARRIVED! The lyric video to the only love song on the album, Between Us. Wanted to sweep you away on a little adventure through a world made of music.

Watch. Love. Share. Repeat.

#LatinAlternative #LyricVideo
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Not sure why, but this video release has been ridden with technical difficulties. It will have to be postponed. Going to do what we can to release it tomorrow! Hang tight! ... See MoreSee Less

We just caught word that the link was broken to our sneak peek email to our fanbase, The Animal Kingdom. Sorry everyone! That's a bummer, 'cause we wanted to treat you guys with that private "screening." We don't want to inundate your inboxes with emails from us, so this time around we'll just post the link on our social media when it is released.

You guys rock! Looking forward to sharing it with you all.
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Watching Mackey rock it with @urpmusic
h J R
We just released our lyric video to the only love song on the album! Check it out on #YouTube! A…
h J R